Pair Your Food With The Perfect Drink

Pair Your Food With The Perfect Drink

Food and drink go together like two peas in a pod. Many people will agree they can’t eat a meal without a beverage ready to wash it down. A drink naturally accompanies a meal, but what are the best combinations? What if there were a drink that compliments the heavenly flavours of food?

Below, you will find some of the best food and drink pairings that will change how you think about food and drink. 

Red Wine and Beef

Deciding on what drink to pair with food is based on the strength and acidity of both the food and drink- the aim is to ensure the two are comparable. Red meats are often rich and need a full-bodied drink to balance out the deep flavour of the meat. 

Tannins molecules in red wine soften the fat in red meat and help release the flavour. They also make meat not taste as rich. Merlot is the perfect compliment for simple red meats. Richer meat dishes are better paired with a more full-bodied wine, such as a Petite Sirah.

Green Tea And Mild Green Curry

Green tea is an aromatic, delicate drink most commonly consumed in the morning. Many won’t know that it compliments a mild green curry beautifully. You can order speciality teas online that would be the perfect accomplice for your next Thai-inspired night. 

Although it may seem like a surprising combination, the earthy flavours are perfect for vegetarian dishes such as mild green curries. Mild, being the keyword. Green tea will do you no favours with a spicy green curry. The flavours don’t balance!

White Wine And Seafood

The two main types of white wine are sweet or dry. Different wines pair well with different foods-most of them being seafood. White wine complements the seafood well because of the higher level of acidity, which brings out the flavours of the fish. 

Sauvignon Blanc is the best pairing of most seafood dishes as it is not too dry or sweet with hints of fruit. Experts suggest Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand is the best- largely because of the cool climate and mixed soil.

Creamy Pasta And Beer

People consistently rank pasta dishes as one of the most popular food groups worldwide-if not number one. Creamy pasta dishes are on nearly every restaurant menu, with dishes such as a carbonara being one of the most popular. A creamy dish like a carbonara calls for a drink with a modest amount of tannin to boost the drying sensation in your mouth. They help contrast the sometimes too creaminess of the dish. 

Beer is the perfect option. Light beers prove to be the most popular. The bubbles in larger, in particular, help to cleanse the palate and boost that drying sensation.

There are so many exquisite food and drink combinations that send your tastebuds dancing. Pairing the right drink with your meal may elevate your dining experience and provide you with a taste sensation. Consider the perfect drink for your next meal, and remember to balance those flavours!