Branding Ideas for the Hospitality Industry

Branding Ideas for the Hospitality Industry

The brand image and professional presentation of a catering company or restaurant are as important as the quality of the food. There’s no doubt that without the latter the former will cease to matter, but if you successfully present a professional brand image to your clients or customers, it will help you grow the business substantially.

The brand image of a catering company or restaurant is dependent on a number of factors. In the case of restaurants, the facade and signage play a very important role.

It needs to look inviting and provide a clue regarding the food and service on offer once the customer walks inside. The decor of the restaurant is very important as well. You might be able to entice customers in once by a well-designed facade and signage, but there won’t be any repeat visits if the ambience inside doesn’t impress.

Hospitality uniforms look great and are critical as well, besides the quality of the service itself. To begin with, the uniform should complete the circle started with the facade/signage and decor/ambience. There must be a synergy between the three. If your restaurant has a fun, youthful vibe, the staff uniform can be t-shirts or polo shirts, while in a fine dining restaurant, the staff uniform should be formal.

Catering companies don’t need to worry about signage and interior decor. Staff uniforms are a the key branding tool for catering companies. Make sure you have a at least 2-3 different uniforms to suit the different ambiences you’re likely to encounter at different client events.

The uniform suitable for a birthday bash won’t be suitable for a funeral, while the one suitable for a funeral won’t work for a corporate event. You will need a little time to understand the types of events you’re getting hired for most, and then customise a few uniforms to suit those types of events.

While selecting uniforms, as part of a branding exercise, do not completely disregard comfort and quality as your staff members will be wearing the uniforms for several hours at a stretch – which will impact their energy and how they come across throughout the day.