How to Deal with a Low Rating on Your Restaurant

How to Deal with a Low Rating on Your Restaurant

It feels bad to see negative reviews and low ratings on your restaurant. You work hard to keep things going in the right direction, but people don’t appreciate it. However, you can’t force them to like your restaurant. Instead, you should respect these ratings and try your best to do more. The tips listed below could help. 

Respond to reviews

The first step is to respond to reviews. Some might be right, but others aren’t. Responding to these reviews will help you change the narrative. As a result, readers will see a different perspective. It’s also an opportunity to correct misinformation. For example, some people might leave incorrect reviews to throw potential customers off. By proving otherwise, visitors will rethink their plans and might consider dining at your restaurant. 

Encourage loyal customers

Ratings are an aggregate of scores from different customers. If the average is low, it could be due to many customers who have negative feelings about your business. On the other hand, it could bump the ratings if you encourage people to comment on the good things about your business. It will also bury the negative reviews and replace them with something positive. Remind your customers through emails and social media. You may even redirect them to the right place after they dine. Let them scan a QR code to hasten the process. 

Improve the waiting time

Apart from terrible taste, another reason for low ratings is waiting time and the non-availability of the food or drinks in the menu. You can’t let people wait too long before the arrival of their orders. It helps to buy the ingredients in bulk to speed things up. For example, if orange juice is a best seller in your restaurant, you can invest in orange concentrate. Then, when your kitchen staff have everything they need, orders will be out quickly. 

Listen to your customers and employees

You can’t decide the next step alone; you must consider other people. Start with your customers. They should have the freedom to say what they think can improve your business. It’s even more critical for recurring customers as they’re the backbone of your business. So, try your best to satisfy them.

Furthermore, you must also take your employees into account for they will undoubtedly have ideas on improving the restaurant. They’re the ones who interact with people each day, and they will tell you the truth. You won’t know everything, and you will grow by listening to others. 

Hire more employees

You should hire more people to help run the business. It’s even more critical if your company is growing since you can’t keep up with the demands if there aren’t enough employees. Delays will happen, and mistakes will be more common. Don’t hesitate to spend more on employees’ wages since you’re getting a lot in return. 

The ratings will gradually rise with these changes. Be patient since it takes time to change reality. You should also try your best to satisfy everyone. When you reach your goal, you can’t be complacent. Again, the numbers are fluid, and they will change at any point. Consistency is key to achieving a high rating.